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It took a decade, but there we are, I now share the UNCENSORED version of Pumpkin Jam, by Goromenz :)

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I found that one in my old bulk downloads, a version of Pumpkin Jam that is both uncensored and, apparently, has been upscaled and retouched: the images are 500 pixels higher (from 1200 to 1700) and look like they’re in better picture quality, less blurry, the difference is striking, remember to click to view the comparison images in full-size: the original VS that other version. I can dig that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know who I ought to be crediting here, so, thanks to whoever is concerned, if he or she reads those lines some day! :)

Long story short: the Uncensored and higher res version of Pumpkin Jam is available HERE!

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