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Sex Manga [English], by Irohara Mitabi

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If that pic looked weird to you, then you're right :3

I am deeply troubled. I thought I shared this short non-hentai story on Hentairules a long time ago, but no matter how much I search, I can’t find it.
Was I hallucinating? Did I forget to use the mangaka’s name or the manga’s title in the posts where I shared it, so I cant find traces of it? Or did I only share it on Twitter? No clue.

So just in case, here it is again :)

Sex Manga is very short: 8 pictures.
And it contains no sexual contents.
And yet, even then, I believe this is an essential read for every hentai fan out there :D

You can read it HERE, or if you really need a zip, I’m hosting it myself HERE.
Enjoy! ^_^

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Little More else need be said.


It can’t be helped.

Skå Vi Älska?
Skå Vi Älska?

If only it was that easy.


I can see the PSAs now: SEX, don’t complicate it.

But yeah, kinda reminds me of one of the first hentai mangas I read, Super Taboo.

Reason vs. Instinct, the poor protagonist lost to instinct every time.

But in real life you become a cynical shell of a man with an odious private life.


The marvels of circular logic at its finest brought to us both expected yet hilarious results and sheer disbelief at the naivety of that poor girl…well at least she looks happy enough in the photo XD