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Good news: Inma No Mikata (“Succubi’s Supporter”) [English, 241 pictures], by Fue, is now UNCENSORED! :)

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Sssssplendid! :D

BEFORE / AFTER! :twisted:

I really loved this manga when it was first released, and now, thanks to a super kind person called Darkwaro, it has been frigging DECENSORED, woohoo!! :kickass:
Same excellent drawings, now with fully enjoyable art, it’s giving me ideas, not you? ^_____^

Long story short, Inma No Mikata, now Uncensored, is still available HERE :)
Slightly longer story: previously, we had magazine scans with full whiteout for most of the manga, and a bar-censored final part, meaning the improvement is massive; but on the other hand we lose in image resolution, from 2400-2500 px to slightly below 1900 px.

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RIP sleep.


Some things I guess take priority over others.

John D.
John D.

Just to let you know, the gallery is missing the first chapter and about half of the second (there’s only 184 pages at this moment).

Hopefully it’s a quick fix!