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Inbaku Byoutou [English, 212 pictures, in a retouched version], by Funabori Nariaki, has been DECENSORED :)

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In hentai Japan, they are taught this is how intimate hygiene is done

Hello everyone, I’m back from holidays, and I finished catching up on things after my return, I hope you have been well on  your side, and enjoyed this summer so far :)
And with that, I’m back to hentai sharing ^^

I wasn’t a big fan of the manga, but, well, a decensored complete manga is still a win.
So, dear hentaiers, here’s the news, Inbaku Byoutou, a manga with awesome art and a facepalm-grade story (from my pure maiden’s POV), has been fully decensored by a good sir called bientaimon.

I kept the old post and simply updated its hyperlinks to now point to the new version, soooo: simply follow that link for the now Uncensored version of Inbaku Byoutou :)

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Double pages, arghhhhhh!!!