Oyako No Omoi (“A Mother’s Love”) [English, Uncensored and Colorized version], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

So good looking. So rage inducing.

The original grayscale version of this h-manga was way outside of my comfort range, and I felt also annoyed that I had no choice but to praise it despite my personal “POV” disliking.
Dealing with Oyako No Omoi is a pain for me, so for a description, see what I wrote in the page of the grayscale version, thanks ^^;;

Well, here comes a new version. Same ranting from me, but now it’s looking better :D
The changes? The manga has been:
– Decensored: kiss the censorship goodbye
– colorized
Here’s a comparison: beforeafter. Nice, right? :)
THanks to Ocho-H for this new version! :jap:

–Update #2: just FYI, the grayscale version of this one isn’t available anymore in the form of a standalone small share, as it’s become part of Hajimete No Hitozuma, a 237 pages long manga :)

I also share other works by this artist, under the pen names Shinozuka Yuuji and Shinozuka Hiroshi (watch out: Hiroshi is a mistranslation from the past, and additionally, the similar-sounding Shinozuka Jouji – 醸二 – is a different mangaka.) Those works are, to this day: Hitozuma Life (213 pictures, Uncensored version), One Time Gal Zenpen (in its full-color Uncensored version, while the still censored version of it now belongs in the Hitozuma Life tank), Hajimete No Hitozuma (237 pictures, Uncensored), and lastly there are uncensored full-colour alternate versions of some chapters of Hajimete No Hitozuma: Delivery Sex, the presently shared Oyako No Omoi, and Yukino Sensei No Seikyouiku.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(18 MB, 29 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the Alternative:
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

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5 years ago

Well, coloring sh… does not make it stop stinking, I’m surprised only by that someone wanted to do it.
There are certainly better hentai worth adding colors.

5 years ago

Minor nitpick, but “Shinozuka Hiroshi” was merely a mistranslation – it always was Yuuji (裕志) from the first publication (comic tenma 2007-08 iirc).
For less confusion, Shinozuka “Jouji” (醸二) romanises as “George”.

5 years ago

Look up in your face; it’s a pair of watermelons, it’s a pair of blimps, no it’s supertits.

Supertits, wonderful visitor from a hot chick next door, with hooters far larger than the average lass.

And who, disguised as mild-mannered sweater meat, fights a never-ending battle for; suckling, kneading, and the paizuri-way.

BTW, how is it the color version is a smaller file size than the B&W?

5 years ago
Reply to  oldbrokenhands

Heavily dependant on how the files are compressed (in terms of both resolution and chroma). The human eye is less precise with colours than it is with b&w, so you can actually cheat perception into thinking the detail quality is similar with less info. JPEG compression takes heavy advantage of this.
Which is why I really appreciate Oliver’s repacks beyond words. Crazy high DPI is fine for printing masters, but when all you do is watch it on your ~100DPI screen that’s pretty overkill for no good reason.

5 years ago

I like how on page 12, unable to contain herself any longer, Mom suddenly starts babbling in Spanish. ¡Qué susto!