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Egoist [English, 164 pictures], by Drill Murata

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Not my kink, but, eh, to each his own, right?

Nineteen years: that’s the time between the Japanese publication of Drill Murata’s Egoist, and the release of an English translated scanlation! Respect :shock:
Egoist starts with a domination story arc, a youg man establishing dominance over a schoolgirl and her mother, then focusing on the mother to train her into complete selfless obedience; and then these are random chapters with happy consensual worry-free sex.

Honest warnings:
– The manga shows its age: low resolution images, poor picture quality (and yet, I ran a minimal retouching to improve a tiny bit), a drawing style that must have been old-school even before it was published…
– Let’s mention the poor translation work, this was a passionate amateur’s job: English isn’t his mother tongue, he lacks the fundamentals of proper editing (I giggled ^^) and there was no proofreader to miraculously save the job. I don’t want to look like a bastard, I AM grateful, and I appreciate all the work it has been, this is a personal achievement and a generous endeavour, truly. But I fear you guys, the future readers, may live it as a personal ordeal, it’s far from current-day quality standards.

Cannot unsee bonus. Look at the ears. Drill Murata fucking can’t draw them, they look like rodent giant round ears :lol:

By Drill Murata, to this day, I also share Kurikyun 5 chapters 1-6, Apron Love (230 pictures), Playing Around With My Brother’s Wife, Female Teachers (231 pictures), Ikumade Piston (208 pictures) and another hentai pack.

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This was a Drill Murata work that I didn’t know even existed until it showed up the other day. You can tell there has been a lot of improvement over the years.


Sure, laugh at their ears. But mark my words, someday those women will use those ears to fly! And then they will save the circus!
“Ah be done seen ’bout everything, when I see a bimbo FLY!!!!”

Damn your eyes for pointing that out, that book is ruined for me now! Ruined, I say!


I never thought I’d make a comment on font choice and word balloons, but then this came along.

I didn’t read any of the text, something about the font and balloon shapes seems off, skin crawlingly off.

Like people who put portholes on car fenders that weren’t designed for them.