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The Clesta / Etcycle TOTAL PACK has been updated!

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Awesome pack, that said in all modesty

A big update this time, I updated my Clesta Total Pack with 31 volumes, a total of 1079 pictures :)
Among them will be, TBH, 15 small volumes of less than 10 pics.

– 21 volumes are entirely brand new, never shared here before
– Among those 21 volumes are 3 sets of CG pictures that “artifically inflate” the total, with their 660 images
– 10 volumes come as an improvement or replacement over previous versions (they’ll be decensored, and/or translated, and/or simply a newer version with better scans)

My opinion is necessarily biased, of course, but I believe this is AWESOME hentai, hopefully you’ll agree and enjoy ;)
To visit the Clesta Total Pack, simply follow that link!

(Needless to mention it? You’ll have download/gallery links for the complete pack, of course, but also to “only” the new stuff, at your own convenience.)

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Speaking of packs, will you be updating the hentairules torrent yearly or was last time a one time thing?

Oliver AKA The Admin

I'm planning to have it yearly, so around next december :)

Mind you, I'll have to respect removal requests, and a certain email from a certain company requesting that I remove certain precise folders from the torrent will still be in effect. The torrent will be up again, except for the stuff that I have been asked to take off.

The simple fact that they didn't ask "delete the torrent from the internet ASAP OR YOU DIE" but went "please, those exact folders, cf. list and screenshots joined, belong to us, so please publishing the .torrent file listing them and stop sharing that torrent unless you re-make it without the files we listed"… that shows they have far enough brains to understand how things work. Which is scary.


Hmm, ….. wondering if “Japanism Girl” could be de-censored; of course, it probably doesn’t make sense to go after only one work. A future crowd-funded de-censoring project … maybe.


Now this is some godlike work! Thanks Oliver-san!!


any estimate on the 2017 torrent? i keep checking the site and search for “torrent” but cant find any news :(