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Yurushite Anata, by Kon-Kit, 206 pages, is now available in a FULLY UNCENSORED TANK version :)

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- "Alfred?" - "Absolutely. TO THE FAPCAVE, MASTER BRUCE!!!" - "Hey, that was my line!"

Well well well, look at that, the entire tank is now uncensored :twisted:

I’ll make it short: Yurushite Anata, a very hardcore and very well drawn tankoubon by Kon-Kit, previously available in censored tank scans, has been fully decensored, and it is glorious :)

The manga is still available on the same page as before, only, now, in an uncensored form. So, without further ado:
For the decensored version of Yurushite Anata, Follow that link! :)

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