Anata No Heart Wo Ubacchau Zo, by Hatena Box, is now UNCENSORED! :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Best Railgun girl, even here

Good news like that are always welcome: Anata No Heart Wo Ubacchau Zo has been decensored by J.B.Random, and you can find it HERE :)

Honestly I’m not a maximum fan of this doujinshi, I found the art was lacking: if I hadn’t known who the protrayed girl was supposed to be (Shokuhou), I wouldn’t have even recognized her. But it’s a matter of tastes, essentially, and MHM, who commissioned both the translation (from Tigoris Translates) and the decensoring (from JB Random) is of a different opinion, which is good for you guys :D
So, many thanks to MHM, and I’ll leave it to you guys, enjoy the newly decensored release! ^_^

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5 years ago

As I commented before when the “censored” version was done, there are (even IMHO) better doujin renditions of Shokuhou out there. Notwithstanding, in due time, all works for which I arranged an English translation shall one day get the decensoring treatment … unless someone else goes after the others before I do.