Redirection Page: the works by Ohigetan on HentaiRules

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Chikan is such a great Japanese tradition

This is supposed to help you, but damn does it also help me, to keep track of all I share (or not) by a mangaka, the in-progress works, and to avoid making huge-ass lists to update with every new release…
Ahem, so, yeah, here it is, the page in which I’m listing all the hentai works by Ohigetan (circle Ohigetan) that I share on Hentairules :)

Ohigetan’s girls are meaty or plump, busty, braindead, drawn in full colour, and quite sexy, drawn ecchi (arousing, hardly clothed) or, most of the time, actually having sex. There’s never a scenario, it’s always straight to the fap materials =)

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.


Pack of 4 Ohigetan works [English]

Classmate Nyuugaku Shashin 3 Rijichou Sensei to Issho Ni Satsuei Kai
Country Girls Are Great
Ohigebon-23 Classmate Love Koko Note 4-Kkame
Toukou Harem2

Ohigebon 60 Pun 10000 Gil Ni Narimasu 1 [English]

Ohigebon-35 Classmate Ochinchin Jugyou Sankan [English]

Ohigebon 32 [English]

Chikan Gakushuu… [English]
Complete actual title, if you’re into hard masochism: Chikan Gakushuu Shidou Youryou + Chikan Gakushuu Shidou Youryou ~Kougakunen Muke Koubi Lesson Hen~”.

Classmate Nyuugaku Shashin 2 Rijichou Sensei to Issho ni Satsuei Kai [English]

Pack of 4 works [English]

– Ohigebon 28 – Sensei! Chie-chan O Kouryaku Suru Kuma! (Jou)
– Ohigebon 41 – Sensei! Chie-chan O Kouryaku Suru Kuma! (Ge)
– Ohigebon 43 – Suieibu!
– Ohigebon Digital 02 – Sensei! Yuki-chan O Kouryaku Suru Kuma

Ohigebon 44 [English]

Photographs of My Classmates [English]

HUGE pack of 22 works [English]

– Bloomers Shoujo
– Chikan Gakushuu Shidou Youryou
– Junpaku Shoujo
– Ohigebon-07
– Ohigebon-17
– Ohigebon-26
– Ohigebon-29
– Ohigebon-38
– Ohigebon-39.5
– Ohigebon-40
– Ohigebon-61
– Ohigebon-62
– Ohigebon-64
– Ohigebon-65
– Ohigebon-67
– Ohigebon-70
– Ohigebon-71
– Ohigebon-74.5
– Ohigebon-75
– Ohigebon Classmate Manko Note 1 Nichime
– Ohigebon Classmate Manko Note 2 Kame Chuukan
– Ohigebon Classmate Manko Note 2 Kame Joukan

Pack of 6 works [English]

– Ohigebon 27.5 C81 Omakebon
– Ohigebon 42
– Ohigebon 45.5 C84 Omakebon
– Ohigebon 73
– Ohigebon 78 Man In Densha
– Ohigebon 79 Ohigetan Works 3

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5 years ago

They may be braindead but god damn I would have no willpower.