Redirection Page: the works by Soba (circle Saz) on HentaiRules

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After over 20 works by this mangaka shared on Hentairules, it was about time I made a redirection page for Soba’s works on Hentairules, right? So, there we go, on the present page, I’m listing everything by Soba/Saz that you can find on Hentairules :)

Side note, it’s embarrassing to mention, but for years, I was too shy to confess I completely mixed up Kamoro Saz (who made things like Kampfuck) and Saz, Circle Soba, heh :lol:

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.


Hodasare Sugite Tatenai No [English]

Raikou Wa Toutotsu Ni [English]

Why Am I Jealous Of You [English]

Houshoku Houen (“Beautiful Honey Color”) [English]

Soushoku Houten [English]

Koushoku Houran [English]

Doppori Zubu Zubu [English]

Brother Soul [English]

Hold Me Fawn On Me 1-2 [English]

Noushoku Houga [English]

Always Sabotage [English]

Sukitooru Sora [English]

Teacher And Husband chapters 1-2 [English]

Amakusa Moyou Na 7% [English]

Pack of 4 works [English]

– Amakusa Moyou volumes 1-2-3 [English]
– Geko Futoshi Max [English]

Amakusa Moyou 4 Plus [English]

Together With Komachi [English]

The View Of Her Walking Is Adult-Rated [English]

Tanumimi Mozaic [English]

Fumina Ready [English]

Kokuyou Suika [English]

Affection Over Resentment [English]



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5 years ago

A good portion of these are (IMHO) worthy of being Decensored (say-no-more, say-no-more).

Filed away for future reference.