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Otouto No Koibito Ga Mukashi Choukyou Shita Motokano Datta [English, Full color], by Imazon (AKA Crimson Crown)

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Her eyes are clearly erotic, it might be her best part

Blah, blah, blah, a girlfriend is with a too gentle boy, she discovers one of her exes is his brother, but him, him, he was a maximum stud giving her crazy orgasms. He blackmails her with an old sexpic, they have tons of sex behind the brother’s back, and in the ends she goes for the best of both worlds.
In terms of story, I can’t say this is original.

But the drawings are seriously worth it :twisted: Not gonna lie, it’s censored as fuck, with ugly mosaics. But the girl has a very original set of facial expressions in addition to her “fuck me RIGHT NOW” slanted eyes, she’s a lovely cutie, the full-colour art packs a fair amount of intensity, so it’s good enough on the erotic front, in my opinion :) Besides, a fun detail, with every new page I was eager to find if the mangaka would manage to draw once again weird dorsal muscles on the girl, an idiosyncrasy I hadn’t witnessed before ^^;;

Thanks to Fated Circle and Garass for this release! :jap:

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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My favorite WTF speech bubble in it all:

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You made four identical twitter posts on this.


well, guess this guy will be a pretty strong contender’s on the Universe biggest Douchebag competition!

He also is the reason why the romans invented such a sweet sounding word: Fratricide….


The worst stories have the best sex and the worst censorship, it’s the meat in the shit sandwich. [Abuse][GREAT SEX][Censorship]. Take a big bite.

Little bro, what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.


My Japanese-trained eyes had me freaking out through this whole story. I kept wanting to scream at the boyfriend that his girlfriend and brother have evil-sized pupils. Small pupils are evil, kill them! But then I noticed there were children with small pupils as well. Apparently everyone on the planet is evil! That said, this is some pretty amazing art. That see-thru dress, wow!