A good update: Tsuma To Charao Ga Kieta NTR Bedroom + its bonus sequel: Tsuma To Charao Ga Kieta NTR Bedroom Kahitsu Ban

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At least it's hot

A new version of Tsuma To Charao Ga Kieta NTR Bedroom has been released, apparently a “kahitsuban” is a kind of reprint with improvements. I’m replacing the previous version with the present one.

The differences are:
– 63 pages instead of 38, almost twice larger
– I’ll quote Hzqr, who made the editing and posted it on e-hentai if I’m not mistaken: “the revised edition also contains some minor changes from the original version; most notably, the name of one of the characters was changed from Tabuchi (田淵) to Tanabe (田辺).”
– Something that made me reluctant, the image resolution fell, we were in the very high res range with 3617 pixels high images, now it’s 1864 px high. Still enough, but barely now.

To get the new Tsuma To Charao Ga Kieta NTR Bedroom, and its bonus sequel that came with the Kahitsuban, simply follow that link! :)
And thaks to Hzqr and Anonymous for those updates :)

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