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My Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL PACK has been updated :)

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RIP my dick

Just to let you know, I’ve updated again my Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL PACK, once again it contains everything I share on Hentairules by Shiwasu No Okina :)

This time, the update concerns the newly decensored volume 7 of the Shining Musume series, thanks to Maiko (damn, man, if you ever read those lines, you rule!) and my addition of the missing tank pictures in the volumes 1-6 of, again, Shining Musume. Should you want everything I have by Shiwasu, it’s available right here ^_^

That said, if you wonder, there are things I chose not to share. I saw today a “decensored” version of Panty had been released. I’m placing quotation marks around “decensored”, in my eyes this is such a poor work the doujinshi has better stay censored, as I illustrated on Twitter. There’s no way I’d bother sharing it.
There’s also a new short series starting, called “Back To The Shining“. For the moment it’s only 8 pages long, so, eh, maybe we can wait a bit more, it would be so frustrating with this.
Lastly, fuck me, I just realized, there’s Shaimusurakugaki, an 11 years old share, that I forgot to add to the total pack, damnit :lol: I’ll add it the next time I made an update to it ^^;;

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Thanks for amazing updates!!