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Redirection Page: the works by Oohira Sunset (circle Mata Ashita) on HentaiRules

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I liked the carefree atmosphere, I made several calculations to imagine if buying the oil would be worth it ^^

On this page, I am listing all the works by Oohira Sunset (main mangaka, if not only one, of the Mata Ashita circle).

Basically, Oohira Sunset implies you’ll be exposed to meaty (or even plump) hot young women loving life and loving getting dick, in scenarii based on mutual liking, frequently going as far as vanilla, when the love is mutual and it’s all cute and touching. In itself, this is simple, right? But why would it be a problem, that makes for awesome and highly enjoyable hentai to read :D

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.


Nyuukan Squeeze (“Bust Feels Squeeze”) [English, 169 pictures]

Pururun-Pulling [English, 178 pictures]

Pack of 2 works [English]
– KashimAnal
– Natsukaze Wa Hitohada De

Versus Takao [English]

Tentama [English]

Majin Wa Negai O Kanaetasou Ni Kochira O Miteiru [English]

202-Goushitsu No Yuurei-san [English]

Boudican-san Ni [English]

Boudica-san Shiyo (“Boudica-san, Let’s Do It”) [English]

Pack of 3 works [English]
– Atsu Atsu Anira
– Boudica-san Mi (a sequel to Boudica-san Ni, linked above)
– Boudica-san To (a prequel to Boudican-san Ni, linked above)

Ichijiku Ga Jukusu Maeni (“Before The Figs Ripen”) [English]

Ai De Sosoide [English]

Hatsujou Wanwan [English]

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