Redirection Page: the works by Agata on HentaiRules

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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Fear be upon you now, Dickzilla has ascended

Here is the (hopefully: always updated) page in which I’m listing every work by Agata that I share on Hentairules :)

Fair warning: I find neutral descriptions incredibly boring :D
To truly enjoy hentai I need a sense of immersion, but with shotacon hentai, it’s a sense of repulsion that I get, sigh.
And alas, Agata is a shotacon specialist, almost all of Agata’s releases are shota. Drawn with amazing skill, his meaty and horny predatory women are priceless, but in my absolutely unbiased eyes this skill is wasted on unworthy males.
That said, Agata’s women are awesome, no way to deny it at least ^^
BTW: you MUST read Sex Olympics, it’s not shota, it’s awesome ;)

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.


Mama X Paco [English, 228 pictures]

Chou One X Pako³ [English, 233 pictures]

Secret Olympics [English, Hilarious]

Mama Para ~ Chijo Zukan [English, 217 pictures]

Sannen Bitch-Gumi Kodomo Sensei [English]
(“Senior Year Sluts Get a New Kid Teacher”)

Natsu No Owari Ni Ijiwaru Nee-chan [English]
(“My Mean Elder Sister At The End Of Summer”)

Naisho No Kakurenbo [English, Uncensored]

OneShota Volley Shigoki Heya de Mou Tokkun [English]
(“OneShota Volleyball Intense Training in the Training Room”)

Onee-chan Mama No Funtou [English]
(“Hard Working Mommy Sisters”)

Koushuu Yokujou Ane No Yu (“Steamy Bathhouse”)

I’ll quote Fapfapfap in an old comment he wrote under that post, even if it has become obsolete by now, it still contains information useful for you today, and for me in the future:

For those who care…
This is chapter 1 in Ane x Pako² Ultimate (using tank scans, as well).
OneShota Volley stupid long title is chapter 2 (mag scans, though).
Onee-chan Mama no Funtou is chapter 3 (mag scans, not shared here).
My Lazy Sister is chapter 4 (mag scans, not shared here).
Dick Training Quest is chapter 7 (glorious tank scans).
Dick Training is the bonus chapter (tank scans, not shared here).

JK Itazura Daigyakutententen ~ Nee-chan No Skirt Mekutte Doutei Soushitsu [English]
(“The Prank Comeback Highschool Mama”)

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