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Chuuko Kanojo ~ Somekaerareta Seiheki (“Second-hand Girlfriend ~ A Fetish For Being Soiled/Stained”) [English], by Ohkami Ryosuke

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Sometimes I can understand how the male character is supposed to feel in an action movie, when he smiles as he loads his shotgun. He knows he’s taken the wrong path at some point in his life, but what’s coming next will make it totally worth it.

Long story short, this partly stereotypical share is about a too naive young man who didn’t realize his ideal girl probably never existed, and didn’t notice either she had been tainted by other men before she fell all too conveniently back into his lap. She’ll betray him with a smile and it will be hard to tell how intentional, how “evil” it even was.
Remember, friends, if you rage, you lose, it’s a game between you and the mangaka :)

By the same artist, whose name I’ve seen written as Ohkami Ryosuke and Ookami Ryousuke, I also share the great Chichimonogatari (199 pictures, it’s a sweet read!), Sexual Time (206 pictures), Nemuri No Aizu, Ayutamu-Sensei, Hazukashii Chibusa (“Embarrassed Tits”, 230 pictures), Love Hero 21, Love Hero 22, TS Ryuugaku-Ki chapter 1, TS Ryuugaku-ki chapter 5 and Kano Kare Konpurekksu.

It’s been released by White Symphony and commissioned by an Anonymous, thank you!

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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Or you can also use the Alternative:
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

And now, something totally unrelated, I remembered discussions about homemaking instruments in the comments of past shares on Hentairules, and, oh, for no particular reason, I thought “hey, THAT drill mesh is awesome and would be perfect for lots of stuff”.


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As most regular visitors know, this is not my first choice of material to read/view, but once in a while, I’m intrigued enough by Oliver’s synopsis that I’ll try one out.

Having done so on this occasion, I leave this behind as I move on:
comment image


This is one of those cases where I cant even feel bad for cuck-kun… Oliver I mistakenly got the impression (with your talk of violent action heroes) that there might be some cold hearted justice or retribution in this. Alas, no, nothing but a herbivore chump…


Well they did always try to encourage kids to share with others in all those educational programs.

I always felt that about pretty women, you’re dating someone who essentially you have to share with the world.

Iain Tobin
Iain Tobin

The only part that got me upset was the fact that she didnt tell him about her fetish or try to run it past him first. I applaud him for being straightforward with her at the end about how he didnt like it.


Nothing to do with drills, it is meant to be installed on an angle grinder. Good looking brush though, have to admit (tool freak goes FAP FAP FAP FAP…) :P


haaaa, i see my comments about using power tools for torture made steps in the right direction ;) also yes, this rust-removal wirebrush will do wonders on an asshole’s skin ;)