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A fast update: “Oni Rem No Ero Hon” and “Mio + Ritsu”, by Wata120%, are now in their uncensored version :)

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Dayum, her face, her face!!

Silly me, I had failed to notice two other Wata 120% doujinshi had been decensored! Anony-Mouse, you have my dearest thanks for telling me in a comment :)
I humbly apologize for that, there are too many things I let slip under my radar.

And so, with great joy (truly, it makes me all happy deep inside, when I can share better versions of what I love with everyone, and hope it spreads even further among people likely to love it!), I’m making this post to tell you that Oni Rem No Ero Hon and Mio Nochi Ritsu are now available in their decensored version :)

Oni Rem No Ero Hon is available HERE.

And, I simply went and updated the old posts with the vew versions,
Mio Nochi Ritsu can be found HERE :)

I wonder if it really feels good, like that, rubbed between two pussies. I doubt I'll have a chance to know, but I live with(out) it!

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