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Osanajimi Wo Yattsukero (“Finishing A Childhood Friend Off”) [English], by Kumoemon

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Her eyebrows are weird. I imagine it's like girls with overgrown canines, weird, but, eh, why not

Imagine the life of the mothers of male teenagers in the hentai world, when they watch the next door female childhood friend come by every day to pay a visit to her friend, and the one thought going through the mom’s head is “just bang her already for fuck’s sake, how thick can you be?!?” And at last, when the moaning sounds finally start, you proudly open yourself a beer and raise a glass to your son’s future :lol:

Ahem. Sorry, my imagination. Stereotypical as it may be, the story was very pleasant nonetheless. The art was plenty nice too, generous, with finely drawn volumes (yeah, a personal dislike of mine, when the drawings look too “flat”, my impression of immersion is jeopardized), however the censorship was… something else. I don’t have words for this, you’ll have to see for yourselves O_o

Crowkarasu and Selcough are behind this release, thank you! :)

By the same artist, I also share Kinbaku Kyuukou, and Junyou Kanmusu Ikemesu Shibari.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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Toasting the future is fine as long as you’re sure it’s the right future. I’d do what my father would have done to me: wait until the kid thinks he’s gotten away with something then come up behind him and quietly ask, “Did you use a condom?”

That’s when he finds out that I’ve blocked out an hour or two to talk with him about his plans for the future.


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Alternately, the mother’s dominant thought as things *a-hem* “progressed” might have been along the lines of: “I’m looking forward to seeing my grandchildren, soon.”


boy got spunk, first time and already going for reverse piledriver XD.


Damn, she wore him out like carpet at a dance hall.

So is it red beans and rice they were talking about or red rice with beans?

In the dirty south, it simply means dinner, especially with cornbread.