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Redirection page: the works by Nanase Mizuho on HentaiRules

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Female characters like that should almost be called a plot device, a mini deus ex machina, miraculously defusing potential problems and initiating sex like it was the easiest thing in the world. I love them =)

Here is the page where I’m listing every work by Nanase Mizuho (circle Inu to Kotatsu) that I share on Hentairules :)

I can’t pin a generic description on Nanase Mizuho’s style. Sure, hot girls with gentle faces, but we’re either in very dark or very vanilla territories, it varies a lot. At least, there’s lots of graphical talent to enjoy! :twisted:

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.


Succu Life [English, 171 pictures]

Aneman [English, 194 pictures]

Princess Force [English, 168 pictures]

ILIAS – Kyouen No Utage [English, 166 pictures]

Shinshi To Ore [English]
(This came packed with the chapter 1 of Oyomesan Wa Maou, now obsolete since a larger and complete version has been shared later on.)

Oyomesan Wa Maou (“My Bride is The Demon Lord”) chapters 1-7 [English, 125 pictures]

Teitoku No Oyomesan 2 [English]

Older Sister Little Brother Older Sister chapters 1-2 [English, Uncensored]

Kikuushi No Seikatsu 4 [English]

Kikuushi No Seikatsu 1-2-3 [English]

Dappou Hihiirokane (“Law Circumvention: Gold Brick”) [English]

Splendid : This drawing talent got my amazed ! (and hard)

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