Ore Ga Mita Koto No Nai Kanojo [English], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

Doom style.

Oh shoot, I had forgotten. I must share 3 other works by Shinozuka Yuuji that were released not too long ago, the decensored grayscale and decensored colourized versions of Delivery Sex, and the decensored and colorized version of One Time Gal. I’m making it a mental note: to share it next week!

Other than that, here, this is your almost typical Shinozuka Yuuji release, featuring a very hot woman with a dream body, she’s going to marry soon a man, they’re in love with each other. But because (a) she made mistakes earlier in life and (b) she’s fucking dumb, there she goes becoming the secret fuckbuddy of her husband’s father. As a father myself, this “father betraying son” theme is absolutely repulsive to me.

Somehow, this reminds me of past conversations in the comments…
A good netori/netorare/cheating manga needs a crafty mangaka: first install in us a false impression of security, then backstab us with cheerful cruelty. Personally, with potentially dodgy mangakas, I’m starting to view it as a game, the table RPG kind: you don’t know if the mangaka is the teammate, adventuring on your side, or the game master, and then is he neutral good, neutral, neutral evil, or chaotic evil? Will he manage to surprise me with a good betrayal, or should I truly trust him?
It changed how I read cheating/netori/netorare stories, now I’m okay with their bad side, as long as it’s made well :twisted:

I am SO SORRY for the wall of text, it’s something I wanted to write for a long time now. Thanks to Anon and Desudesu for this release!

–Update: good news! This share has now become obsolete, as its contents are now part of a 241 pages long complete manga, Hajimete No Hitozuma :)

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4 years ago

Weird dynamic.

At the beginning she was the boss, commanding her fiance to use a condom and initiating sex.

At the end, the opposite.

Great sex, cliched story.