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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments
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Crude, explicit, detailed: I love art like that =)

Here is the page that I’ll keep updated with everything I have to share by Asuhiro (also known as Handsome Aniki).

Tastes will vary, etcetera, but to me, Asuhiro is kind of an ideal hentai mangaka, drawing the women meaty or even plump, natural, usually wearing glasses, and mostly placing them in heart-warming vanilla scenarii. It’s a relief for the soul, for me =)

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.

                                     english hentai              

Koiiro Oppai [English, 216 pictures]

Love Of Love Boobs Are For Sex [English, 214 pictures]

Kimi No Konomi Ni (“To Your Liking”) [English]

First Contact [English]

Matsubayashi [English, Uncensored version]

Natsu Ga Kimi O Irodoru [English, Uncensored version]

Itakano [English]

Hadana Ni Natte [English]

Prussian Blue No Shouzou [English]

Bikini Trap [English]

Mimura Kanako Namadori Rape [English]

Yellow 2 Happy [English]

Magic Of Love [English]

Itsu No Ma Ni Ka [English]

Sorekara No Futari (“The Two Afterwards”) [English]
This is a sequel to Itsu No Ma Ni Ka, just above.

Zenbu, Kimi No Sei Da [English]

Under One Small Roof [English]

Tonight I’m Falling [English]

english hentai english hentai english hentai
Ookami ni naritai [English]

Bokura No Shippai [English]

Iinchou No Sotsugyou [English]

Mitsukete Secret [English]

Magic Seven [English, Uncensored]

Into The Ring [English]

Futari Level UP! [English]

Gin No Pierce Nara Hazureteru [English, Uncensored]

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4 years ago

This list is missing these two shares:

Also, the “Mitsukete Secret” standalone share is obsolete as it’s actually part of the Koiiro Oppai share, which uses a different (and apparently more faithful*) translation.

* Second page of Mitsukete Secret chapter: The original share translates the line “Sumire ka?” as “Suuuure”, Koiiro Oppai translates it as “Oh, it’s you, Sumire.”

4 years ago
Reply to  MarqFJA87

can we please get this in a single zip file.

4 years ago

Could we get all this in the next few days as part of a giant yearly porn torrent that you’ve spent countless hours over the course of years, downloading at speeds that easily rival any download site?

… plus an order of fries?