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Delivery (Sex) Friend [English], by Sanjuurou

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Oh, what a fine figure!

I’ll ask: can you love a manga based on prostitution, and in which cheating is absolutely not an issue?
If “no”: just don’t read Delivery (Sex) Friend, move on, friend.
If “yes”: you may proceed, hugs to yet another hentai normie who’s developed an immunity to an alarming number of themes over the years :D

Long story short, this share is about a guy hiring a call-girl, she finds out he is the boyfriend of one of her friends but money is money so she does the job, and as cheating turns her on she adores every minute of it and makes sure they’ll meet again another time.
The drawings are well-made, showing talent, skill, effort, the girl had a cute mostly realistic body, and on a good number of panels censorship isn’t too much of a pain, visually it’s totally worth it =)

Release credits are for Bobacat Scans, thank you!

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In the girls defense, her best friend had been blue balling her boyfriend since they started going out, enjoying the look of patient frustration on his face every time she did so. I say her friend had this coming and I would actually like to see the continuation of this where the girl deservedly steals him for herself, much to her friends tearful regret.


Page 15, that moment when the censorship I usually ignore confuses me.

I had to flip back a couple of times before I realized she put his penis inside her.

It ruins a major plot point, because at that moment she made a choice and entered (pun intended) the point of no return.



Well, this particular chapter is available via FAKKU’s subscription service if you want an uncensored version. But yeah, censorship sucks, and depending on the way that the censorship is done, it can get confusing.


So a prostitute steals a cheater from a cock-tease. Er, I mean a blushing young woman for hire falls in love with a bashful blue-balled youngster, seducing him away from her good friend, the cock-teasing bitch.

Great, now I need something to help me escape from my escapist porn.