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Redirection page: the works by Shinozuka Jouji / Jouji Mujoh on HentaiRules

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I don't say it with cruelty, but it's funny the foot-fetish chapter is THE chpater in which the feet were poorly drawn ^____^

I’m listing here every work that I share on hentairules by Shinozuka Jouji, AKA Jouji Mujoh.

Here’s to hoping you love meaty girls, not plump per se but certainly not on the thin side, and if you love them smiling and happy that will be even better :D
A fair warning, if you run web searches for works by this artist, you’ll need to vary the names you use to maximize your chances. In all those years, I’ve seen various spellings: Jouji/Johji/Jyouji Mujoh/Mujou, and Shinozuka Jouji for the mangaka’s name – 醸二  – unless you want to write it Shinozuka George, I’ve seen it too.

Watch out! Shinozuka Yuuji / Shinozuka Hiroshi is the name of ANOTHER artist, despite looking almost the same.

Deal with it :lol:

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.

      english hentai                  english hentai        

Hatsukoi Motion [English, 222 pictures]
(“She Motions To Make Love”)

If you search for a release called “Candy Lock“, it now belongs in this Hatsukoi Motion.

First Touch [English, 122 pictures, Full color]

And if you search for those 3 releases, called “3 Pai Aru Jijou“, “Kadzusa On That Summer Day” and “Kadzusa On That Spring Day“, they now belong in this First Touch.

Super Weak [English, Uncensored version]

english hentai english hentai english hentai
Pour Me Milk [English, Uncensored version]

Solo Mugi [English, Uncensored version]

Hama-Pai Ni [English]

Yuzu-chan Ni Boku No Kame-san Soujuu Shite Moraitai [English]
(“I Want Yuzu-chan To Pilot My Turtle”)

Taigei Ikunyu Nisshi [English]
(“Taigei’s Breasts Care Diary”)

Niku And Jaga [English]

Isuzu Ikunyuu Nisshi [English]

Hakufu Mankai [English, High resolution new version, Retouched by me]

Urapai [English]

english hentai
Secret Room [English, Uncensored version!]

Ura Mugi [English]

Pack of 3 works [English]
– Nanika Kawara de Hirotta volumes 1-2
– Otona Star

Pink Hibaru [English]

Iso Pai Otsu [English]

Naga Pai [English]

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You got the title of the Senran Kagura share wrong; it’s “Hibari”, not “Hibaru”.