A mea culpa, and various unrelated notes

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
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Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, please chain me to a radiator, stick a MAGA cap on my head and yell at me in German, I made a mistake in my last Alice No Takarabako share, Naomi Kaede Wa Majime De Sukebe.
I wrote the female heroine was one of the Souma family members, but, nope, she wasn’t. Next thing, I thought – and wrote – she was the class prez we see in Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land #4. But I was wrong again, the mangaka explained in a postcript page I didn’t read she was just a lookalike.
I offer you my humble apologies for providing you with false information, and express my thanks to Kurzwaltz Messer and Kayna for bearing with my screwups and posting corrections in the comments :jap:


Next thing, no relation, but I should have mentioned it, Last Summer, by Kuro No Miki, had a small update a day after I shared it, 3 updated pages for small details, it’s explained in the post.


Oh, the gigatorrent? I’m still on it, I’m extremely busy with offline things this month, worry not, it will come.

Well, erm, I’m done.

But you know what, because why the hell not, I’ll share this youtube video music, one of my greatest musical discoveries of 2018, Mana, by Equilibrium, a 16 minutes long instrumental jewel, halfway between prog rock and metal.  As with any decent prog rock instrumental, there are several movements, each of them worthy, in my opinion at least, for the rest, it’s up to you ^^

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5 years ago

Pan flute, and electric guitar…sounded kind of like Halo meets The Karate Kid.

EDIT, okay it also sounds like a medley of every 16-bit video game title screen music I ever heard.

5 years ago

“yell at me in german”????
Is my native language that good to instill fear and regret in people?
I am gonna use that the next time to express my anger towards someone english-speaking…
“Continue with that atitude and i am gonna yell at you in german!” lol

PS: Since you have the upload.net links surrounded nowadays, i assumwe those will give you the small bonus?