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Update announcement regarding 3 works by Shinozuka Yuuji

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The most erotic part was the blindfold falling to the ground

So, yeah, I’m extra late in making that update, apologies and all ;)

– I replaced the censored full-color version of Delivery Sex with its decensored version.
Get it here.

– I replaced the censored grayscale version of Delivery Sex with its decensored version.
In addition, this grayscale version received an addition, a four-pages short bonus, called Sanae-san’s Summer Vacation.
Get it here.

– I made a brand new share, for One Time Gal Zenpen, its full-color Uncensored version.
Before today, I was only sharing a censored grayscale version of One Time Gal Zenpen and Kouhen (here). Now, the decensored colorized version comes as an alternative addition.
If I accidentally failed to throw you into a pit of confusion (my own superpower), that still leaves, indeed, the second half of the One Time Gal series, “Kouhen”, only existing in its censored grayscale version.

I believe all those updates were released by Ochoh, thank you very much :jap:

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The grayscale files of Delivery Sex are still censored, both large and small files.