Chikakute Tooi (“So Close, Yet So Far”) [English], by Ouchi Kaeru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Don't look at her back, hips and legs, and imagine what her bone structure should look like on that picture. Or you'll regret it :D

I found it a bit frustrating, we’re not told the exact family tie there is between the two characters we see in this share. It’s told they’re siblings, right, but what kind of siblings, cousins, probably, as they don’t have the same mother?
EDIT: I suck. I didn’t read the manga properly, as Ifritsparda explained in a comment, they are cousins. Case closed, it’s a relief to know for sure :)
Other than that (I won’t even apologize that I focus on small details and can’t forget them), it’s a cute story, the two younglings are already dating but haven’t become lovers yet, the girl shlicks and is caught, and then they’re at it~~~

See for yourselves for the rest, the censorship is bearable (two or three semi-transparent bars each time), the drawings are on the “petite realistic” side, I hope it will please a good number of you guys :)
I’m not too sure who I should thank and credit for this scanlation, would someone know, please?

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First page has the male MC refer to an ‘auntie’ potentially finding out the pair is dating.

Second page has the female MC bring up her mom, seemingly in direct reference to the same ‘auntie’. Additionally, the mom, in a side text next to her body, referrs to the male MC as the female MC’s cousin.

They’re cousins.


When the cousin’s in heat, you must supply some meat.

(Sorry, channeling my inner Don King)