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A quick intro by Oliver, after this, these won’t be my lines:
Call me chauvinistic if you will, but I’ve got a soft spot for companies from my little country launching themselves at the internet’s throat and proudly delivering English contents on the market :kickass:
I’ve been contacted a few months ago by the guys behind Eroges, and I’ve finally agreed to have a post of them appear on Hentairules, in which they’d try to convince you to play their stuff. Yeah, they’re paying me for it (I’ll have 1.5 oil refills in my car for what I’m getting, guess, lol ^^), it’s not like I’m trying to hide it :)

Hentai lovers please accept this invitation to check out!, hentai games successfully brings together, on one website, many free-to-play and hentai games. At Eroges you will be able to play, for free, games like Gods of Hentai which is a free-to-play hentai MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games). also has plenty of hentai visual novels like Oppai Café, drawn by Noa Ichikawa, or the latest title, futanari Detective Masochist.

One thing that sets apart is that you can read the text in both French and English (sometimes in other languages too), and most of them are completely uncensored.

You will also see rare deals on Nukige – ero games – with several Japanese companies like Ume Soft, Ammolite or Appetite. has big plans and hopes to expand its catalog with new exclusive titles by this summer to offer you the highest quality content with as much diversity as possible.

If you are a fan of hentai, you will love !

Listed below are some of the latest available free-to-play games:

Booty Calls MMORPG Gods of Hentai Hentai Heroes Naughty Empire free to play now has over one million registered players which means that you will always have plenty of like-minded people wanting to play your favorite games with you. Although the games are free to play, some motivated players step it up a notch by buying the optional Erogolds, the platform’s virtual money, to make their characters more powerful. Please do consider this when you are playing…

We can’t recommend enough that you check out Gods of Hentai and the story of the Hentaiheroes, of course it is totally uncensored and available in either English or French.

Below are some of Eroges’ latest visual novels & RPGs:

visual novel detective masochist RPG Fallen VN lust of appartment Dating Nakadashi

Also all of the visual novels and RPGs are in HTML5, which means that they are accessible on all devices including computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

For those who don’t know yet, visual novels are an interactive game genre featuring a text-based story in which you are the main character, with alternative routes, endings, and scenes which will differ depending on your choices along the progress of the scenario.

Visual Novel Oppai Cafe

Above is an example of a choice in the game “Oppai Café”

We invite you to check out Eroges Hentai games and are sure that you will glad that youd did,
Register for free and receive 100 erogolds ;-)

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Signed up out of curiosity, but the games are flash based, so I’m going to pass on this.