Mugenkidou Bon Volume 9 [English], by Tomose Shunsaku

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

I liked that pic, it tells exactly what kind of things to expect

From this mangaka, I never know what to expect. Brainless happy sex, moving sex, mindbreak and betrayal. Today’s a good day, this is non-commital worry-free sex, the stuff whose graphics you enjoy and then you can forget about it ^^

Here, after a few cute full-colour pages, we’re in a setup where the male MC is one of the last men allowed to reproduce because of a pandemic (a fine fap fantasy scenario, you’ll agree), and every girl to whom he asks gladly accepts ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
You have fine-looking girls, huge breasts, and well this is it, enjoy =)
We owe this release to Doujin-Moe, thank you!

By the same artist, known as Mugenkidou and Tomose Shunsaku, to this day, I also share CosPako, Infinity’s (uncensored version), Mugenkidou Bon Volume 8, Wagamama Pet Life (uncensored version), Enko-sei (grayscale), Enko-sei + (full-colour), Natsukano, Asuna To Online, Suguha To Fairy Dance, Boku To Rinjinbu To Umi No Year, U.M.R. and Soft meat.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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5 years ago

I guess if a woman has one chance to have a kid in her entire life, she’ll jump at the chance, even if the dude is cursed with a bowl-cut hairdo. But I have less faith in the government. I could see this kid being locked in a room with a milking suction pump or being told who the best genetic mom is that he has to service, regardless of his personal choices. A permanent stud card is too much to hope for!

5 years ago
Reply to  Pavlov

Every night he has to service, Helga, seven feet tall, chin like granite, smells like and looks like a horse.

Yeah, for the good of humanity

5 years ago
Reply to  oldbrokenhands

comment image

The Horror … The Horror ….. The Horror.

5 years ago

I agree that often it’s a case of “Russian Roulette” with works by this artist, but (IMHO) his good stuff outweighs the “WTF” items, so I’m willing to at least try a new one out.

5 years ago

Sex was good.

Kinda reminded me of one of Aomizuan’s works.