Niku Miko No Utage + Niku Miko No Utage Ni ~ Nure Ochi no Nie [English], by Steel Mayonnaise (AKA Higuchi Isami)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Dark story or not, that girl was great

Honest warning, this is one of those stories with a dark, stifling atmosphere, throwing at us only partially explained mysterious situations, and given a twisted ending…

This release is made of two parts, Niku Miko No Utage (AKA “Steel Mayonnaise 17”), followed by Niku Miko No Utage Ni ~ Nure Ochi no Nie (AKA “Steel Mayonnaise 19”).
It’s about a Japanese highschool girl trapped in an obscure fate, of being the sexual sacrificial lamb of the members of a mysterious cult, she knows it’s fishy and she shouldn’t seek fall down into corruption, but something inside her needs it… She starts with exhibitionism, is drawn to a mysterious abandoned shrine… one thing leading to another, she meets her fate and, of course she’ll be banged super hard, first by homeless guys, then by the mysterious virile cultists.
And in the end… I tell myself I should have seen it coming!

if you just came for the faps you’ll have plenty of materials to use, it’s super hardcore, hardly even censored, there’s vaginal, anal, double penetration, exhibitionism, the girl’s body looks like it’s made for sex, hats off.

Release credits are for ObsoleteZero, Varcon, PaGe422, Dar4545 and Cottonee. Thanks a lot, we don’t get intense hentai of that caliber every week! :jap:

–Update: good news, my shares here have become obsolete. They’re available in an uncensored version, right HERE :)

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5 years ago

So … she got turned into a pig?

Naw, it needs a moral of some sort. Mmmm, no nudes is good nudes? Don’t cast Pearl before swine? How about, “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

5 years ago

Nice tits and bad sex do not mix.