Yoyogi Mademoiselle, by Shimanto Shisakugata, is now available in a new, improved version!

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Nice job: ojou-sama sexual servant

I know I already shared Yoyogi Mademoiselle back in 2012, but there have been improvements :)
Namely, in addition to the evident changes coming from a new scanlator bringing his own idiosyncrasies:
– these is far less censorship than before. The previous version saw half of the genitalia censored in full white, whereas here these are semi-translucid rectangles and nothing more, it’s a net improvement!!
– the image resolution went from 1600 px to 2048 px
– I took the liberty to make an addition, converting the images to grayscale, as there were occurences of an odd rainbow moirĂ© here and there (beforeafter).

That’s a chance to read again this very funny story, I hope you will find it to your liking if it is new to you ^_^
Release credits are for Hentai_Doctor, commissioned by Aclouthunkier, thanks a lot! :jap:

I updated the links in the old 2012 post, so: simply follow that link! =)

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