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I’m back on the topic of bluetooth headphones :D

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Hey everyone, thank you VERY MUCH for the replies in my previous post, for all the helpful information on the topic of bluetooth headphones for working out!

I’m grateful for the advice and information, I have a long list of models to check out and information to read, I haven’t finished with that yet, haha. Thank you, really, it’s really cool of you all :)

So far, I’ve set my sights on a few models, that would be the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo, Creative Outlier Gold, Sennheiser CX 6.00BT and Sabbat E12. Only one of them has that band going between the ears, behind the neck, regrettably, as it’s a cool feature.
But I’m far from having read everything I must read on the topic, so it’s not a final list.

There would be 2 questions I would like to add, if this isn’t asking too much, though… Ready? ;)

– First off: for those of you who recommended precise models, have you tested them for running?

That’s one major concern, when browsing reviews I’ve regularly seen complaints that the sound was getting occasionally cut when the phone was in an arm bracer, and the owner was doing some running. It’s shocking, to me: no bracer, all OK, range of several meters; phone in bracer and large running strides, sound goes FUBAR O_o
Not all the models seem to have that problem. I’m aware the negative reports may be either (a) rare hardware deficiencies not representing the entire product line, or (b) depending on the phone’s own specifications (besides my phone’s aptx non-HD as best available codec, there’s the issue of the power and quality of the phone’s emission), at which point you can only pray to RNGesus.

– And, second thing, would you know if there are manufacturers who are known for NOT being complete bitches and do allow to relatively easily replace the batteries?

Case in point: I found a youtube video in which it was super easy to replace the batteries in a Jabra headphone (although that wasn’t a model for working out), so maybe not all hope is lost.

It may be different for the workout models (much smaller frame, etc), so I’m clearly not getting my hopes high. But, still, maybe, you know, just maybe, some manufacturers do try to make it possible, and the information exists somewhere on the internet even though my inferior google-fu didn’t allow me to find it…
In which case, that would be a strong incentive to go for that manufacturer’s models rather than the competition.

Thanks if you have information on those two topics, again :)

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I know you’ve already specified your price range Oliver, but I just wanted to let ya know if you ever decide to up your budget, or decide to amortize the cost over longer usage period, I’d recommend Apple’s Powerbeats Pro. Been using it since preorder, absolutely checks every box from battery, secure/tight ear fit, sound, etc.


I recommended the Sennheiser but unfortunately I did not try it for running with the phone in a bracer.

I do use it for running and walking with my dog, but my phone is in the trousers pocket then.
I never lost the sound though. Neither with phone in the pocket, or in a backpack or on a plane with the phone somewhere around me.

I also used it with a Windows Notebook and with a Nintendo Switch (with Bluetooth adapter) without problems, but that bracer… idea if there are problems, sorry.

Also about the battery change……no idea.
I am not talented in handcraft work and would not risk opening the parts with the battery inside. It does not seen that a battery change is meant to happen, sorry again.

My idea for checking out the best model for you is that maybe when you buy on Amazon you can try it for a week and still return it if you are not happy.
But still I would buy the Sennheiser again. For my purpose (more walking with the dog than running and for traveling) it’s great.


I think the key problem on replacing the battery has got to be the waterproofing. If you shred the seals when you replace your battery, there’s going to be leak probs down the road. You may well be outta luck on changing the battery in those tiny earbuds. If the battery dies, you may just have to be a man and put a bullet in its brain!

From looking thru various reviews, one prob you may not have considered is the 1-size-fits-all attitude on ear canals. It doesn’t seem to bother everyone, but some of these earbuds are better designed than others. If this is something you are sensitive on, I’d look for low-score reviews and see if they mention people feeling the pain.


I want to recommend this product at

Sony – C400 Wireless Behind-Neck in Ear Headphone Black (WIC400/B)
Learn more:

I’ve used these for 2 years and I have tortured the shit out of them.


I have a set of Jabra Evolve 75e’s and love them for music/phone etc. I’m not sure how well they’d handle exercise though. Plus they’re probably outside your price range. I’m serious however, they are the best bluetooth headphones I’ve ever had.