Ore Wa Kyou Kara Cinderella Aite Wa Otoko. Ore Wa Onna (“From Now On, I’m Cinderella. My Partner Is A Man And I’m A Woman.”) [English, 189 pictures], by Yukisaki Miale

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Hot. But my dick would be too confused to "use" the manga

It’s one of those cases where I stop in the end, and ask me what the hell I have read.
Look, to sum it up, the manga takes place in an hentai world where, sometimes, men turn into women for a few hours, it’s like that, rare but no big deal. Enter the protagonists, the male (well, at first) MC, and another boy that we will almost only see under his female form, a sadistic pettanko with a twisted keikaku. Finally, a 3rd protagonist shows up at some point, with his Cock Of Redemption or something ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Graphically, it’s embarrassing to say, but even the WTF moments couldn’t stop the art from looking pretty good. The DP scenes weren’t all that great (and the black bar censorship was more noticeable during them), other than that it’s fairly good on the eye all along (a long “all along”, 189 pages in total), with both a meaty+busty and a pettanko.

We owe this release to Hennojin and Desudesu, commissioned respectively by NippleZits and CaptainCaption , thank you! jap:

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The commissioning and translation of this one is… complicated. Chapter 2 was commissioned by Nipplezits. The rest was commissioned by CaptainCaption. The first two chapters were translated by Hennojin, and the rest by desudesu.

I am hoping I have that all correct. My apologies for any errors.


Art was great, story was just so freaking stupid i would’ve felt the same reading bout a man trying to grow rocks in a garden…

tough i guess the last part did make me ponder : Would this count as a Bromance?

As a side note tough, petanko-chan needs to be covered in tar and lit on fire, because if you can fuck someone’s life like that completely,and for such a dumb fucking reason, you deserve to fucking die slowly


Interesting twist on a werewolf story.

Replace wolf with slut, and silver bullet with flesh rod.