Koutei No Atarashii Mizugi (“The Emperor’s New Swimsuit”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Puyocha

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

From an eroge to a gacha, but the roots are still alive

Aaaah, bless hentai. Every year, every month, almost every week, I stumble upon something I would have simply never been able to imagine, and I’m impressed, shocked, amazed that somebody else could both imagine it, and draw hentai of it :D
Here, it’s the good old tale of the emperor’s new clothes, applied to hentai.

Nero accepts to wear the swimsuit recommended by her Gudao, and full of pride, she displays her sexy body, hardly hidden by a nanobikini, in front of everyone, boasting of how good she looks basking in their (in her eyes: deserved) attention. I haven’t yet mentioned the cute lioness ears hairband, and also, yeah, the lioness tail, attached with a butt plug, have I? :D
Just as Nero eventually understands she’s ridiculing herself (another F/GO character made her realize, just like in the old tale), her gudao steps in, and demonstrates her exhib sex is best sex, that was all a keikaku to introduce her to a new world of thrills, etcetera =)

Thankst o Pzykosis666, Coffedrug and Megaton! :jap:

There’s plenty more for you on The list of Puyocha’s works on Hentairules!

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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Just in case you’re annoyed two pictures exist as duplicates: deal with it :D
OK, OK, an explanation.
I was saddened the cover only existed in small 1200 px resolution, so, as of usual in such cases, I searched the internet to see if I couldn’t find a better replacement image. I failed, that’s as big as the image exists (excluding the visibly enlarged images based upon the same original small size file, that don’t look so good).
However, I stumbled upon a Pixiv account with an almost identical cover image, but with a tiiiiiny bit better colour balance in my eyes, and on top of all, devoid of compression artifacts (like when you save the image with a badly chosen compression ratio aiming to produce a too small file, at the cost of image quality), so I added that one in the beginning.
And there was also a smaller resolution version of another image, the Nero character profile image in the end, 1200 px instead of 1692 px, but with overwhelmingly better image quality, so I also added that one.


Whoever you are, you are a brother today, beard and mustache man

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i’ll admit, that swimsuit got me heated up faster than a stroll at the surface of the sun. DANG that initial shot of her backless before the tail reveal had me grinning like an idiot as i immediately figured ”how” the smiwsuit was held….

on another note i now have tendinitis….


It’s weird.

This is a parody of another work, but feels like a satire about public nudity, censorship, and prudishness as well.

The dude’s dick had the bar censorship, but all it was, was a striped dick, not a badly censored dick, but a cleverly striped one. It looked like it matched her swimsuit. Like a striped condom/speedo.

Anyhow, just thinking she would have been better off just painting on a swimsuit or going nude, but made a mockery of public nudity law.