Good news, Royal Koyanagi’s “Fundamentals Of Demonology” have been translated again, this time in perfect English, with good typesetting and all :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
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Jebus hentai christ, who wouldn't want to be inside that dark skinned MILF

Sweet, sweet and highly fapworthy news! A manga that was formerly only available in horrible English and with zero typesetting has been scanlated by a team doing a professional work!
I’m talking about Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku, by Royal Koyanagi :)

Here’s a comparison picture: the previous version (did you notice in the bottom-right? ^^) VS the new version.

There’s tons of sex, a well written story line that begs to multiple sequels, Royal Koyanagi’s unique, fantastic art style… I strongly encourage you guys to replace the old version I shared with this new one :D

For the new version of Kanjin Kaname No Akuma Gaku, follow that link!

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Looks like parts of that old translation were done with a Magic 8-ball and a dartboard. Nicely spotted improvement, thanks!


Hi Oliver, THDragon here. I knew that when I saw the first edits of those 2 chapters, I could do better. So I did, with the help of a scanlation group that I’m an editor for called the Little White Butterflies (LWB), under the alias “Dragon”. I want to thank everybody for their support and spreading the word that a better version of those 2 chapters exists. With this post, I hope word spreads even further, as I’m sure many of you out there didn’t think that this would get a proper translation/editing job. Thanks to the LWB, the impossible becomes possible, and no matter how hard the challenge may be, we’re always ready to step up and deliver. Thanks again for repacking these 2 chapters, Oliver!


What about the third chapter?