Good news: Poppin Cherry, by Miito Shido, a 213 pages long hot (but WTF) tank, has been decensored :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments
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Mind-fuckery, truly, but very hot mind-fuckery :3

DaddyDoggie has decensored another complete tankoubon, woot! :woot:

And so, Poppin Cherry joins the ranks of the decensored happy few, enjoy :)
That manga gave me an outstanding “my brain is full of fuck” impression, there’s plenty of good, plenty of WTF, plenty of ew, but if you only care for the drawings, they’re crazy intense, it’s got to count :D

The censorship was relatively moderate, and now, it’s fully gone. A downside is that, at some point, DaddyDoggie reduced the images resolution, we went from around 2500 px, to around 1750 px, deal with it.

Enough said. You will find Poppin’ Cherry, now decensored, HERE, enjoy! :)
And thanks to DaddyDoggie, of course =)

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