Kanojo No Ane Wa Gal De Bitch De Yariman De [English], by Tiramisu Tart

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Ultra Zboing.

If that had happened to me as a teen, I would have done just the same: who could say no to free pussy, at that age? :D

Ahem, I might be putting the cart before the horse: to summarize Kanojo No Ane Wa Gal De Bitch De Yariman De, a sloppy slightly slutty elder sister steals a march on her younger sister, she should have gone sexual faster with her boyfriend, her loss.
Invited by a super hot easy young adult girl (who, I noticed, sometimes resembles Dragon Ball’s C-18, come on, it’s not just me, right? Right?!?) the boyfriend accepts his inescapable fate ^^

The sex was super hot, intense, hard pounding full of energy, with nicely contrasted impactful art only barred by tolerable black bars, let’s add the story was quite long, 32 pages in total. If you want intense sex not lasting just a few pages, that one’s for you =)

Thanks a LOT to Cgrascal, that’s the best hentai release I’ve read today :jap:

By the same artist, to this day, under the names “Tiramisu Tart” and Kazuhiro, I also share Aijou No Injoku Elf (239 pictures), Mesuiki ~ Hame Trip (198 pictures), Zenana Biyaku Choukyou Nikubenki Collection (200 pictures), Inma Kyuusei volume 2 ~ Shota Kui Succubus Oneesan, Error (in which for the first time I was YAY ! GO RAPISTS ! – it’s a weird idea I know), Botsuraku Reijou No Seiteki Maid Gyoumu, Anal Choukyou No Hibi, Yariman Ni Koise Shi Okasare Doutei (“Virgin In Love Violated By A Slut”), Do You Like Horny Older Sisters, Dakyou Sakuya, Lewd Wolf Awakening and NTR Game.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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i must admit, it takes a a love powerful enough to quench the heart of a sun to say no to onee-san’s invitation, especially at that age when hormones sing stronger than that rational part of your brain telling you that instant gratification might not be worth the heart of the girl you love in the long run…

anyhow, thx a lot for the share oliver, and Cgrascal for the quality work, as always 👍

P.S: also yeah, she does kinda look like those doujin version of C-18…if that’s also how she is in bed, no wonder she blasted krillin’s owned counter away!


Let the record show that he was a block of wood, until the older sister turned him into Pinocchio.

Older sister was Geppetto, younger sister was the good fairy.


And if I swallow this line you’re feeding me, then I’m the whale? ;)


as long as you aint that carnival owner turning kids into donkeys….


Monstro Pavlov…that sounds like an awesome name for a WWE wrestler.

7’4″, 425lbs of Russian fury, he comes into the ring foaming at the mouth.

Part man, part pit bull, 100% crazy.


Welcome to the belly of the whale!