Good news: Elf Harem Academia, by Mifune Seijirou, has been reedited into new scans with almost zero censorship :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Hell yeah, dark elf creampie!!

Please compare this image to this other image. Okay? :D

Here’s the good news, our kind editor Ammi has reedited Elf Harem Academia onto a better scan source, and now the censorship is almost entirely gone ^_^
(Shall I bore you with the tankoubon/magazines difference? Because that’s how the horrible black painting was replaced with almost invisible thin white lines, with Ammi porting the English scanlation onto the graphically superior version, thank you Ammi!! ^^)

For the new version of Elf Harem Academia, please simply follow that link :)

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Apparently I’m becoming jaded to censorship because I’d forgotten that dude is in full-on fudgesicle-mode. I’m not sure I was hungering for a meat-sicle replacement but most anything would have been an improvement!