Mujaki Na Kaibutsu (“Innocent Monster”) [English], by Yuzupon/Yuzushiko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Haaa, the boobs reveal =) JUST STICK IT IN ALREADY!! :D

I’ll quote the first sentence of the manga: “She is a man-eating monster with innocent eyes, wearing the skin of the girl I admire” ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

In this share, a male MC lacking virility is the (mostly) cooperative partner of a female classmate who has strong sexual urges and relies on him for their satisfaction. Even if you’re used, it’s hard to say no when your “no” isn’t listened to and the woman pushing you into sex is so cute, I’ll suppose ^^

IMO there was too much censorship, but the art felt “fresh” and the characters were lovely, it was very easy to sympathize with them, that made it a worthy read in my eyes :)

It’s been released by Bamboo, TZ, Aoberry, Lynx, IceCat, NeVMiku, A-Psy, Danky, Jumi, Kalevala and Rizel, from RedLantern Translations, good job and thank you! :jap:

Erm, a mention, just in case, if it may avoid misunderstandings with the hentai collectors, there is a deplorable homonymy, one single name for two entirely different persons.
–> “Yuzupon” may be for two different groups/artist.
– First, another share of mine, artist Yuzupon, sometimes written Yuzuponz (final “z”), sometimes with the mention of the circle name “TecchiTecchi”.
– Second, the present share for instance, artist Yuzushiko, circle Yuzupon. I also saw the name “Rikka Kai” once.

By Yuzupon/Yuzushiko, I also share Koi To Baka To Karasawagi, Korolevna, Akuma No Sasameki and Rei No Onayami Kokan De Kaiketsu.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

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(32 MB, 23 pictures, English)

Or you can also use the Alternative:
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4 years ago

I agree with what you say about the art and characters, but not about the censorship… There are some releases nowadays which suffered an infamous double censorship (mosaic + bars at a time).

Great post as ever!

4 years ago

How do we classify Minase-kun … a “Lucky” or an “Unlucky” Bastard?

*crickets chirping*
comment image

4 years ago

Oliver, you’re confusing two artists here. This doujinshi was made by the artist Yuzushiko of the circle Yuzupon, who is also behind this other doujinshi that you’ve previously shared:

The Zettai Zetsumei series, on the other hand, was made by the artist Yuzupon of the circle Tecchitecchi.

You’d notice that the two doujinshi use very different art styles, which while not unusual for artists who develop their art styles over the years, should always be taken as a POTENTIAL sign of being done by different artists until proven otherwise.

4 years ago

Damn, was hoping for actual monster not figurative monster.

She mates like a praying mantis, but doesn’t actually turn into one.