Jimiko Diary (“Plain Girl Diary”) 2 [English], by Saigado

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

That's her at her cutest. Admittedly, she was a lot more plain before that.

Ah, is that a series that we’re seeing rise? After Jimiko Diary #1, here comes a new Jimiko Diary, and once again it’s the same theme, a plain-looking girl becoming great-looking and attractive, all thanks to the regular fucks she was given, which were enough to help her gain self-confidence and discover her hidden potential.
I say, why not, it works, and I’m fond of those transformation setups, which a girl becomes more arousing page after page =)

In the present volume, we’re in a college, in a manga club, and its members are confronted to a serious problem: there’s 4 of them, 3 men, 1 girl, and they’re all interested in her. To make it worse, they’re all zeroes on the social popularity scale, so they don’t have any chance to score outside of the club. Rather than compete for the girl, and break their club’s harmony, they solve it like (hentai world) adults: open group sex at the end of every day :lol:

The sex was rather average in my eyes, but after, it’s a matter of tastes, see for yourselves :)
We owe this release to Mysterymeat3 Translations, thank you! :jap:

(For more stuff by Saigado, Cf. The List of Saigado’s Works on HentaiRules!)

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3 years ago

Once in a while, a “reverse harem” outcome is fine, too.

3 years ago

An example of improper social distancing.