Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku [English, 202 pictures], by Maruta, is now UNCENSORED, in TANK SCANS (and retouched, little bonus ^^)

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Natural girls have a unique charm. They're not porn. They must be real, somewhere, and plenty of times...

A day with a decensored tank is a good day :D
Here, thanks to DaddyDoggie, Maruta’s Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku manga is now available, in fully decensored tank scans, enjoy, my dear pervs, enjoy! ^_^

TBH I’m not fully sure, has DaddyDoggie decensored it? Or has he ported the English version into the decensored scans that existed for the French, and maybe Japanese versions?
No clue. Don’t care. If it weren’t from DaddyDoggie we’d still have it in its censored ugly magazine scans version, so it’s all good =)

Little personal bonus, I noticed the non-decensored pictures were looking average, their surfaces were grey and not black, and were quite spotty with defects; I corrected that. In the end of the volume, I placed a before/after image.

I replaced the censored version with the new decensored version,
you can get it HERE!

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