A friendly push, 2D-Market have had their first full tank, Chii-chan’s Development Diary :)

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The kind of thing you fap to with bad self-esteem

I don’t know if you heard of 2D-Market, they’re one of the publishers on the English market, like Fakku or Project-H they translate and publish uncensored hentai mangas. I think they only offer them digitally, but I may be wrong on that topic, I’m not sure.

Until now, they were specialized in short volumes, doujinshi basically.
But today, they have their first tank out, a full volume, 169 pages, made of the Chii-chan’s Development Diary, you may have heard of it. 169 pages, fine art, and a story type that will definitely cater to some tastes *cough*

They’ve published it here, on their website.

Well, that was the thing, I felt like mentioning it, in case you may be interested, it is nice, a publisher’s first full volume, I think ^^

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