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Oliver’s brief intro: I’ve grown friendly with a group of guys from an ero-games company who were rather insistent in placing ads on Hentairules. I eventually gave it a look, and, well, if you’re into ero-games, yeah, they do it well and I’d have nothing against them.
So, eh, here’s the content they wanted to present you, hopefully you, you’ll be introduced to funny and ero materials, while me, it will have covered a part of the gas bill for my holidays ^^


Boobs in the City is a hentai style FPS game from www.erogames.com that allows you to become the coach of a team of hungry sex girls. You will have to train them and help them become the best and win the fierce water fights!

Boobs in the City hentai gameplay 3D style Boobs in the City hentai gameplay 3D style

Hentai game Boobs in The City has an impressive 3D graphics that allows you to have absolute control over the situation and fully enjoy the hot fights with sexy girls. In Boobs in The City , you have 3 attack modes available for each character – use them to win battles to be rewarded with hentai sex scenes!

Sake, Akane, Rina, Kana, Yui and other girls are ready to follow you and other girls are ready to follow you and and win the battles for you. By the way, you need to know that every girl in your team is different, has a special story and various skills. A common thing that unites them is the desire to satisfy their coach. Boobs in The City allows you to enjoy erotic scenes with hungry girls – there are 9 completely different characters in this game, so you can be sure that you will not be bored here!

Boobs in the City Hentai girl list Boobs in the City Hentai girl list

Boobs in The City offers you unlimited customization possibilities. You can choose from more than 50 outfits available in the game. Thus, you can create your ideal character – the girl who will excite you to the maximum and from whom you will receive maximum pleasure during fights and during sex scenes!

Boobs in the City female game characters Boobs in the City female game characters

Boobs in The City, like most games on erogames.com, has permanent updates, which means that the game is constantly updated and many interesting things appear along the way. Resulting form this, in hentai game Boobs in The City you can enjoy high-quality sex scene with permanent updates. If I still haven’t convinced you and if you have some doubts, below I leave a short video sequence that will absolutely convince you!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y60ytRaRE4U

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3 years ago

i played this game before was fun