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By Zoki Eroges on 1 comment
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A brief intro by Oliver: Again, the friendly guys from erogames.com, to present another nice game they’re behind. It pays a part of my car’s gas bill, and I like their games and see no problem mentioning them, so all that’s left is to hope it will please a few of you guys too =)


One of the top hentai games with a lot of very varied sex scenes – only in this way we could briefly describe Craving Quest – a game in which 3 childhood friends go through amazing adventures full of danger and sexual desires! According to the data presented on www.erogames.com, the game already has cca 1 million players, and this number, certainly will increase in the feature!

Craving Quest hentai splash art

Craving Quest hentai splash art

The actions of excitant hentai game Craving Quest take place in the world of Skyland – a world full of great sexual fantasies. Here you have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the most exciting and varied sex scenes with one of the 27 available girls!

Craving Quest has exactly 7 chapters, which is more than enough to fulfill all your sexual fantasies, and resulting from the high level of detail and the exciting dynamics of the game, believe me, you will have a lot of sexual fantasies!

In addition to the girls you can have sex with, there are over 100 characters in the world of Craving Quest – a pretty impressive thing.

Craving Quest hentai in-game 3D style

Craving Quest hentai in-game 3D style

Craving Quest hentai 3D anime female fighter

Craving Quest hentai 3D anime female fighter

The game’s interface is extremely convenient and allows you to control your characters absolutely. Each character has his own individual skill that can be developed along the way. In this hentai game, after each fight, you get various remunerations., and at the same time you have the opportunity to enjoy hentai sex scenes during the quests.

The Craving Quest hentai game is built around the single male character who is…you! Yes,yes, exactly. All the attention of the female part of this hentai game with many sex scenes will be offered to you! Don’t waste any more time, start enjoying the process right now by downloading the game from https://erogames.com/en/games/craving-quest

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhz4ppncDFU

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3 years ago

The game is surprisingly fun and engaging aside from the obvious eye candy. Its not overly complex, but yet finding and forming team synergy is strangely satisfying. Being a mobile game it does have pay to win elements. I am a F2P player and plan to see how far it will go and whether there will be a hard pay-gate. If you’re a gamer, enjoy RPG games, timing attacks to pull of combos for more damage – its definitely worth checking out (Purely from a gaming point of view)

Oh and also it has great H-art!