InY Akajuutan + Omake [English, 229 pictures], by Izayoi Seishin, is now FULLY UNCENSORED!! :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
in Categories: Just Talking

Apologies for the lack of shares, the heat is killing me and I’ve got too much, on all topics, to catch up on, argh. I may need those hentai breaks more than most of you pervs ^^

Catching up on the tanks streak, here’s a giant among the hentai giants, InY Akajuutan, by Izayoi Seishin.
You may object that I already shared it just six months ago, right?
But this time IT’S THE FULLY UNCENSORED VERSION!! :twisted: :twisted: :kickass: :woot:

The decensoring was done by a person nicknamed “Wrong”, and then a kind ehentaier called Ancient-Alien ported the English version onto the decensored version, thank you! ^_^

Enough said, this jewel, now uncensored, is available HERE, enjoy!

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Steven_Even, Tit Translator
Steven_Even, Tit Translator
3 years ago

Hey Oliver, I’m having a hard time finding editors over at the Tit Translations project…

I’ve already translated 2 good works (one more by Millefeuille!), and one more coming up that I’d think you’ll like, but no one is volunteering to edit the script into the Manga… would you do me a favor and ask your audience for help, maybe link the thread and write aboutt the project a bit?

Would be a shame to have the scripts go to waste since I can’t edit them in myself :/

3 years ago

Much appreciated! For some reason, this time no editor have volunteered to edit my completely free translations, so it would be a shame if it were to go to waste… maybe all are on vacation? xD
And yeah, the Thread will be alive for at least a couple of weeks more :) keep an eye out for some quality content from it, I feel we have similar taste tou and I! :D

I just want more big titty, vanilla-ish, waff hentai translated and out there, but since I lack the editing skills I always need help from others to actually make my translations sharaeable…. :)