Good news: Chijo Wakusei (“Planet Of The Lewd Women”, 204 pictures), is now fully UNCENSORED! ^___^

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
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Well, as in: draining their balls.

A kind guy called Maiko decensored this fine hentai manga, Chijo Wakusei that I shared nearly a decade ago, back in 2011. I think we may safely call that a great news, right? :D

The manga has aged well. Still funny, still original, still awesome-looking, with original and delightfully hardcore art, I really am glad it’s that one that joined the ranks of the decensored hentai horde!!

Enough written, I hope you’ll enjoy it a lot, many thanks to Maiko, and for the rest, you may get the new decensored version HERE :)

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3 years ago

This new version omits the 3 complete cover pages, the copyright page and the translator’s credit page.

3 years ago

Has this been fixed yet? It seems to be the same. Oh, and as long as we’re nagging you, you mentioned fixing the Edit option on comments?