Onna Jigoku, Niku no Tsubo – Hentairui Inranka Mesubuta Ichidaiki [English, 239 pictures], by Honebuto Danshaku

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

There are only a handful of good-looking non-fucked up pictures like this one

… fucking hell. That manga isn’t softcore. It’s all about putting women through gross degrading hardcore sexual treatment, they’re lumps of flesh made to be used, and they discover it was their ultimate aspiration in life. ¯\_(°_o)_/¯

I have no issues if you love it, but to me, that was, ew, filthy. Take it as a warning or an alluring promise, your call, I’ll mention there is: tons of sex toys, domination willingly consented to, SM, extreme use of sex toys (electricity is involved, and no, not just for rotors), exhibitionism, mindbreak, training sex pets, insertions of revolting things you wouldn’t have imagined could be inserted, fucked up family relations, netorare… and more.
As I wrote: “fucking hell”.

Well, for the rest, it’s your call, see for yourselves or run the hell away, there’s no way I would blame you for this.
Release credits are for Siegel/Seagult and Gintokiftw, from/for Toyo Trans, thanks for the effort, bringing the community a full volume is no small feat.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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3 years ago

yep, fucking hell. since I see this shit uploaded in e-hentai yesterday, i see so many ntr doujin/manga uploaded from yesterday until this morning… Aw Man… I dont understand why there are so many of this shitty genre get published & uploaded this year…. Aaargh

3 years ago

One of the stories had a kid tasering a pregnant mother, so that’s nearly snuff on the fetus. Another had an adult performing oral sex on a clearly underage girl. Somehow I get the feeling that your limits have changed.

3 years ago

The cover gave me fair warning, the page with the cheerleader anal queen yet another, but I press ahead…A waste of decent art.

I think from now on when I see something awful, I’ll just post random pictures I find when I enter the search term, “weird stock photos”

But for this one, I post a link from a TNG episode that sums up what it feels like to flip through this.