Ashigami, the 236 pages fetish manga by Magoroku, is now Uncensored! :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments
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A good numbers of panels were more than okay. Plenty others were fucked up, though ^^;;

That’s the good news of the day, in my eyes at least, regarding the hentai scanlation scene. The release of the fully decensored version of this manga from 2014, Ashigami :)

The manga is very heavy on fetishes I’m not a big fan of (foot fetish, domination, odor… I’ll skip, and I didn’t even mention the truly revolting stuff, ew, fucking EW), fortunately it’s also got its healthy serving of simply hardcore sex, served with an art packing a lot of punch. So, while me I’d run away with my tail between my legs, maybe, you, you will see the appeal of a 236 pages long volume now rid of censorship ;)

The decensoring was done by Daddy Doggie, many thanks! ^_^

I simply updated the links in my 2014 post, so that they now link to the uncensored version. Sooooo… To get the new decensored version, simply follow that link!

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