Redirection page: the works by Ginhaha on Hentairules

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Those white thighs, UHHNGGNGYEH!!!!!

I should have made that page earlier, volume after volume, repack after repack, I’ve now been sharing a hefty amount of Ginhaha scanlations on Hentairules, so here we are, with their list :)

Ginhaha’s style is simple and efficient: a few girls from a popular game, series or anime, they’re depicted having great uncensored sex with a lucky man, in greyscale or in glorious full-colour, in the end there are outfit variations and text-less versions, and this is it. It looks great, and doesn’t bother us with a scenario =)

Oh, yeah, also: the artist has a Patreon, under the ぎんハハ / Ginhaha names, a Gumroad page (it doesn’t work like Patreon, it’s about purchasing “packs”), and check his Pixiv for more lewds, like this one for instance :3

I’m listing first the covers (mandatory warning: some covers might be missing from here, image links die sometimes), and, once you scroll down, the complete list.


Shinomiya No Maid Wa Tokojyouzu ~ Professional Jintai Onahole [English, Uncensored]

Gakuseikai-shoki Ni Tokkun-shitai – Shijuuhatte Battle no Seijoui Oshiete ~ Coach [English, Uncensored]

Error Of Call_ System Call [English, Uncensored!]

Uketsukejou No Himitsu Na Irai [English, Uncensored!]

Koibashira No Onee-san To Isshoni Shugyou Shiyou + SP [English, Uncensored]

Pack of 2 works by Ginhaha [English, Uncensored]
– Formidable To Tea Time + SP
– Honoo Neko No Ongaeshi + SP

Minna Kara no Omoi [English, Uncensored and in Full-colour]

Mama To Moteru Tame No Tokkun [English, Uncensored]
(“Mommy’s Special Training To Become Popular With Girls”)

Joou No Gohoubi [English, Uncensored]

Sei No Daishikyou To Koware Yasui Otome [in PROPER English]

Pack of 5 Uncensored works [English]
– Afureru Ai
– Girl friend
– Kurumi To No Saikai
– Pancakes Challenge
– Taiyoushin Solus Kara No Omoi

Girls Of Mondo [English, Uncensored]

Pack of 4 works [English, Uncensored]

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