Otto Ga Totsuzen Seiheki Wo Kokuhaku Shite Kitan Desu Ga (“My Hubby Suddenly Told Me His Fetish”) [English], by Funabori Nariaki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments
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Weird, now that I think of it. I, too, have a super hardcore fantasm on uniforms in hentai... but I would see no point in making my wife wear one O_o

A husband and wife successfully spice up their sex life, thanks to the husband opening up to his wife and confessing he has a raging, still unsatisfied, highschool fetish uniform. Basically :D

At first I had a moment of doubt, when the husband mentioned their marriaged was at first an arranged marriage, but all’s good, they love each other and are able to communicate, what we watched was a progression in the quality of their relationship, with honesty, an improvement of their sex life, and an open conclusion that, not gonna lie, left me extremely intrigued…

Plus, it wasn’t too censored, and looked pretty great, with a fine woman looking 30, I hope you may enjoy the read! ^_^
Thanks a lot to SpicaWorks! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Inbaku Byoutou (212 pictures, Uncensored, and manually retouched), Himitsu Ni Shite Ne (240 pictures), Inshokushinka, S&M University (146 pictures) and Konya No Okazu Wa.

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2 years ago

I was pleased to know that the next turn is her fetish! The mind reels to think what she’ll have him wear, but I suspect it’ll actually be quite tame. Pretty cute story, thanks!

Heart N Mind para
Heart N Mind para
2 years ago

This is nice…
One is on other site too but it’s NTR and bad sloppy story so I didn’t like it.
I already may be asked U this But one more time…
I came across a hentai image but can’t find it source..
In that pic boy is Saying…
Even my Hand is getting Boner..
If U remember any plsss share the Source… Thanks

2 years ago
Reply to  Pavlov

He’ll cosplay as Mankind, with lubed Mr. Socko!

2 years ago

the WAFF is strong with this one IMHO

2 years ago

Intimacy Restored to marriage by revelation of hitherto-suppressed fetishes:
comment image

2 years ago

Clothes make the man…hard.